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EShareDocs is a software application that presents paper as well as electronic documents located on a local pc or server to the Internet/Intranet in real time without the need for a web site and all the associated costs. 

Documents can then be browsed or searched for via the built in search templates or full text search screen. End users can choose to view the document in its native format or as a pdf, thus eliminating pdf conversions on the desktop.

Additional features include e-mail notifications, audit trails for tracking document viewing, as well as markers to provide end users with the ability to keep track at a glance as to which documents have been opened and "worked" and which ones have not. Documents are stored in a conventional Windows folder and file naming convention, allowing for non-proprietary file sharing and back-up.

Digitizing eliminates the many obstacles created by paper – labor-intensive duplication procedures, slow distribution, misplaced originals and the inconvenience of retrieving files from remote locations. Because paper files are also costly to process, duplicate, distribute and store, digitizing reduces operating expenses and overhead. EShareDocs enables more efficient distribution of and control over information, files and records throughout the organization. This software program simplifies business processes by automating repetitive procedures, document routing and email notification. EShareDocs expedites business processes by allowing instant access to information; greater collaboration within and among departments and offices; enhanced security for files and records; and the application of procedures that facilitate compliance with record-keeping requirements.

Fast Retrieval... Minimize
ESharedocs lets you find documents quickly, from anywhere, without leaving your desk. Paper and microfiche are slower because users must go to files and search manually.

Full-Text Search... Minimize
Esharedocs can retrieve files by any word or phrase in the document, a capability that is impossible with paper or microfiche.

Share Files Easily... Minimize
Esharedocs makes it easy to share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, on CD or through the Web. Paper documents usually require photocopying to be shared, and microfilm requires conversion to paper.

Disaster Recovery... Minimize
Imaging provides an easy way to back-up documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery. Paper is a bulky and expensive way to back-up records and is vulnerable to fire, flood and theft.

Reduce Mailing costs... Minimize
Used in conjunction with Eshare scanning, virtually any type of document can be distributed to "recipients" in a fast and secure manor. Audit trails allow supervisors to see at a glance who looked at what, when, and where. When a recipient opens a document, it is marked as "opened" to aid end users working large volumes of documents. 

No Lost Files... Minimize
Imaged documents remain in their folders when being viewed, so none are lost or misplaced. Plus, index template and full-text searches can find documents if they are accidentally moved. Lost documents are expensive and time-consuming to replace.

Improved Security... Minimize
Imaging can provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents. Imaging controls security at the folder, document or individual work level for different groups and individuals. In contrast, all paper documents in a filing cabinet or filing room have the same level of security.

Flexible Indexing... Minimize
Esharedocs can index documents in several different ways simultaneously, including bar code data. Indexing paper and microfilm in more than one way is awkward, costly and time-consuming. 

Digital Archiving... Minimize
The risk of loss or damage to paper or electronic records is reduced with a document imaging system. Keeping archival versions of documents in a document imaging system helps protect paper documents from over-handling and keeps electronic documents in a non-proprietary format.

Save Space... Minimize
Imaging will help recover valuable office space that was previously taken up by bulky paper files.

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